“The Club” and Nancy Lee’s Rules of 5-0

My friend Pilar Lopez, owner of  The Pastry Station, came to my studio on Friday and bought herself a pair of earrings (pictured below). She asked me what I was doing over the weekend. “It’s my birthday, and I’m gonna be 50!” I said. She rested her hand on my arm and looked at me with her twinkling brown eyes and said, in her lovely Colombian accent, “welcome to the club!” We laughed, and Pilar talked about how liberating this fifth decade had been for her, how she and her friends had embraced and celebrated it. My plan exactly!
This evening, my significant other asked me what I’d learned in the past five decades. Had to laugh at that one, recalling that I’d asked my dad that same question 26 years ago when he turned 50. He said, “I learned that I don’t know anything.” Some things just stick with you.
Over the past five decades, I’ve learned slightly more than I used to know, but way less than is necessary. Since it’s my birthday, and because my S.I. asked, I came up with a few key ideas anyway, and decided that they are my new “Club Rules.” Nice part is no one has to follow these “rules” but me.

  1. Trust yourself
  2. Trust others – due to number 1, one can spot the difference between the angels and the devils better
  3. Calmness is a choice
  4. Stand on the skinny branches of life (or, take a chance, already! dream big! start that master work!)
  5. Love, love, love like there is no tomorrow

And, when all else fails, repeat number 5, because all we have is today, and love is all that really matters. Live in it, revel in it, have fun with it, do what you love, be what you dream. Today, you are wished all that you want to have in your life, and the means to make it yours.

"Dawn Waves," by Nancy Lee
“Dawn Waves,” by Nancy Lee

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