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Metalsmithing in the Digital Age – Part One

Competition in today’s web-world can be a beautiful thing. Print media has taken a hit the past few years, with periodicals and newspapers put into the position of either radically changing offerings to the public, incorporating new media to retain and attract new subscribers – or being left behind.
As a longtime subscriber to jewelry making periodicals, I’ve been faced with trying to decide which magazines are worthy of my continued support. Obviously I’m not the only one, for some of the major players are really going to town to offer new things to readers, web-users, and old-school die-hard fans (like me).

Some offer free videos online, and I’ve watched my fair share of video tutorials over the years. Most of them feature fairly stiff-acting metalsmiths who leave out more than they provide. Or teach something counter to my own methods. Or just plain wrong or dangerous! So it was a nice surprise to find a simple, straightforward, FREE video from Interweave, publisher of the mighty fine Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. Taught by my metalsmithing hero, Helen Driggs.
Simple, basic, and to the point. You won’t learn any bad habits here. Click on the link below. It will take you to the website where you can view the video. Enjoy!
Free Metalsmithing Video Tutorial: Basic Metal Jewelry-Making Techniques – Jewelry Making Daily.

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