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Like me. Really "like" me!

There will never come a time when I forget about Sally Field’s famous acceptance speech when she won her Academy Award.

You LIKE me! You REALLY LIKE me!

She was sweet and genuine, no matter that it was a little corny and borderline needy. Haven’t we all been there? OK, I’m laughing now. Some of you have not. But I have and these are the only eyes I have with which to view the world, so. I digress.

Nancy Lee Designs Facebook Banner

“Like” has come to mean a whole new thing. In the Facebook world getting a “like” means a friend or stranger is giving your thought, image, or business a virtual thumbs up. With 845 million or so active users*, explaining a “like” seem kind of pointless, because unless you are there, you probably aren’t gonna make it over  here, to my little homemade website with my slow-cooked jewelry and sculpture.
But talking about “like” is my sneaky little way to bring up the “like” subject and to ask you kindly to visit and “like” my page there.
Why did I do it? Facebook rules state that one may not change their business page name. And, because I would prefer to be known as an artist, rather than as a “business” or bricks and mortar building, I felt strongly compelled to create a whole new Facebook page as Nancy Lee Designs.  What I wish to accomplish with it is to spark quick dialog between you and other lovers of handmade things, say a little about me and what goes into my work as it is happening, see progress shots and photos of finished work straight from my camera phone. I will announce shows, talk about tips, tricks, and metalsmithing techniques for those of you who are interested.
All in an effort to continue to build a bridge to you, the person who has found your way here, and about whom I care. So, I do hope you “like” it. Really “LIKE” it! (that is now 5 times I have hotlinked “like” to my new page – SHAMELESS!)
As always, seeking ways to enhance lives and share beauty.
(Check out “Simple Care for Sparking Silver Jewelry“, my first note on my new page.

Photos from Nancy Lee at Midwest Fashion Week

Scottish Rite Cathedral
Scottish Rite Cathedral

Fun, and I mean FUN was had at the Midwest Fashion Week runway show benefiting the Autism Society of America. Berny Martin sure did shine with his massive production that took place at the Scottish Rite Cathedral at 8pm Saturday. Catherine Fritsch, talented Indianapolis fashion designer and owner of Sweet Revenge Lingerie, coordinated with me and several other local artists as we showed our work on the lovely mezzanine area overlooking the mile-long (okay, it SEEMED like a mile long) runway.

Berny Martin takes a stroll down the runway
Berny Martin takes a stroll down the runway

After a bit of understandable confusion of models, outfits, vendors and placements, I finally met my stunning jewelry model Kasi Shelton. Catherine set me up with Kasi, and informed me that she could wear anything I could dream up, and that I could choose complimentary clothing – instead of the other way around. Wow! That was different, refreshing, exciting – scary. In that order.

Beautiful Kasi Shelton models jewelry by Nancy Lee
Beautiful Kasi Shelton models jewelry by Nancy Lee

So, I chose the new Rings of Saturn neckpiece and earrings I had just created, then selected the dress from the many options Catherine provided.

After doing that (and waiting until the last possible moment) I decided to add a bunch more rings to the necklace, and to the earrings. So I cut a couple dozen new rings in a couple of sizes and started adding them to the necklace…and you know what? I didn’t like it. So I took almost all of them back off again, eventually settling on the addition of two. Yeah, just two. And two more for each earring. Guess the original design was pretty good.

Kasi Shelton flaunts the Rings of Saturn
Kasi Shelton flaunts the Rings of Saturn

What do YOU think?

Comments from real people are always appreciated…

Rings of Saturn Neckpiece
Rings of Saturn Neckpiece, photo by Paul D’Andrea

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