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Lark Crafts Publishes "30-Minute Bracelets" with Nancy Lee’s Shell Cuff Project

A project of mine was accepted for publication in the newly minted “30-Minute Bracelets” book by Lark Crafts. I’m excited it is now out and available! This was my first experience as an artist working with a publisher, and it was a good one. Thank you, Marthe Le Van!

Interestingly enough, I worked at a mid-sized publishing house, JIST Publshing,  many years ago. While there, I had the opportunity to work with our editors on many occasions, establishing many delightfully warm relationships that have lasted to this day. Funny how the world works!

Shell Cuff, Nancy Lee, 2011

If you are an aspiring metalsmith, I hope you try out the book and the bracelet. If you take a picture of your completed cuff, I’ll put it on my website!

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