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Something More Important – You

As I work with my brain, my hands, and my heart every day to make beautiful things for people to enjoy, I realize I am not changing the world. I am not a rocket scientist. I am not a brain surgeon. I am not a protester fighting for the rights of others at my own peril. I chose a path doing what I do best. On a good day, it means making things that are seemingly small yet significant in that they help people feel beautiful, beloved. Important. And I am OK with that.

However, sometimes someone comes along who touches you deeply, and whose goal it is to effect change. You can’t help but think other thoughts, consider other dreams, and wonder about the important difference that one human soul can make. This human soul came to town along with two of his co-change-managers last year – he is author DW Gibson, and he interviewed a few people in Indianapolis who lost their jobs. But what good would come of it? Funny you should ask. Because a lot of good has come of it. He has told not only my story, but the story of someone you probably know.  His book is Not Working: People Talk About Losing a Job and Finding Their Way in Today’s Changing Economy (Penguin).
He’s told our story with names and faces. People like us, people like you. Really important people. See the video, below, and read more about his recent NUVO interview here, where he explains why my story closed the book. DW is changing the world in a healing way. If you are anyone you know has lost their job, this book is for you. Watch for the documentary coming soon.

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