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Lead a Life Truer to Your Dreams – TED Talk

Wouldn’t it be a better world if we could all live a life truer to our dreams? Jane McGonigal thinks so, and has the science to prove it. I first heard Jane on an episode of Morning Edition on National Public Radio as she talked about a traumatic brain injury that resulted in a healing and helpful video game called SuperBetter.  Then tonight I ran across a video of her on TED, giving a talk on the value of playing. She’s a gamer. Oh, yeah, a video gamer. She convinced me why it is important to engage in fun, games, and living your dreams.

I especially like what she has to say about living longer and be healthier by taking breaks every hour. My fellow metalsmiths who are in the flow at the bench every day – take note!
I love bringing dreams to life in metal, and no matter what the business end of this sometimes solitary and demanding life brings, knowing that I might be lengthening my life and improving it just by doing what I love is rewarding to the extreme. Plus, maybe if I stick with the tiny tasks the video game sets out for me, it will cure my perpetually stiff “jeweler’s neck”!

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