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Handmade Lilly Pad Necklace from Recycled Materials

This new necklace is made from recycled aluminum, steel, and sterling silver! The lillypads are aluminum which has been forged to create dimension. These are attached to a backing of recycled copper using tiny nuts and bolts. The reverse side of the necklace is polished smooth copper. The chain and clasp are handmade from sterling silver.

Matching earrings are available! The earrings are on handmade sterling silver earwires.

Making Amunet Amethyst Goddess Earrings

My friend, Lisa Zimmerman of Soul Level Solutions, is calling this month “Rocktober” due to all of the planetary influences she feels will come to bear. I wonder what this month has in store for all of us, planetarily and otherwise. That remains to be seen!
What I do know is that I’ve been under the creative influence. Following these urges feels like playing hooky, since I have custom orders for which my lovely peeps are patiently awaiting. Yet at times I get in the grip and nothing else will come from my hands. This is how Amunet came to be.

When the creative influence takes over, it is often sparked by the materials sitting on my bench.

Then the assembly begins – these earrings, simple though they seem, had seven separate soldering operations.

Soldering complete, these earrings are ready for oxidization and gemstone setting. And, of course, some handmade earwires.

My works often name themselves, and as I was in the process of making these earrings, the name “Amun” came to me out of nowhere. Or, maybe it’s because I’m learning to speak Egyptian Arabic. Anyway, after doing a bit of research, I discovered the female counterpart to the Egyptian god Amun is Amunet, “the female hidden one”. Although at 2 1/4″ inches long, you won’t stay that way while wearing these!

According to gem lore, the amethysts gracing the earrings possess a spiritual quality and enhance dreams, purification, healing, love and peace. That’s a lot to enjoy! Please do.

New Metalsmith Group in Indianapolis

A new group is in it’s infancy. Indy Metalsmith was born to offer support to local metalsmiths who may not have a casual outlet to meet other like-minded individuals and share ideas. The group isn’t limited to practicing metalsmiths, however. It’s open and welcoming to those who are interested in this ancient art form, or those who provide products or services in support of the art form.
Meetings will be held on a regular basis and based upon the interests of the group as well as the founder’s ideas about what might be fun. There will be many opportunities to share knowledge, and show the recent work of group members, whether it be jewerly, objects, sculpture or techniques. Meetings will take place at the Circle City Industrial Complex on the Near Eastside. The first meeting will be held on March 5, 2013 at 7:00 PM.

Indy Metalsmith is hosted via Meetup.com. Mark your intention to attend the upcoming inaugural event by clicking on the RSVP link below. Join us!


Indy Metalsmith Group Description

We are a group of creative souls, using metal to give voice to our ideas. If you make jewelry, functional or sculptural objects, or are interested in these, this group is for you. Indy Metalsmith is a safe place to learn, share, show, and grow for all skill levels. The goal is to bring together a tribe of people who like to work with metal and who would otherwise be working in isolation. In groups, we give and receive by offering tips and tricks via live demonstrations, curated product offerings, business and artistic opportunities, hugs, or by whatever means we deem necessary and fun for us to stretch and grow.
***Sponsorship opportunities for Indy Metalsmith are being accepted now! Contact Nancy Lee for more information on how you can be involved.***