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Creating with Bristlecone Pine Oolite: Petrified Rock in 2022

I had a really great 2022. Previously, I wrote a newsletter about saying YES to so many new opportunities this year, which led me to need to use the word NO a few times. If the pandemic has taught me (us) anything, it is the need for a little guilt-free self-care. Which means sometime I go really slow (who am I kidding, I ALWAYS go really slow) when making jewelry. Or dinner.


Bristlecone Pine Tree, image courtesy of Rad Drew Photography, copyright 2022

When I came upon a Bristlecone Pine Oolite a couple of years ago, I knew I had to have it. It was cut by a local lapidary guy who is no longer in business. Later, I received a photo of a Bristlecone pine tree image that my husband, Rad Drew, took a picture of in California. I put the two together, and knew I needed a special piece for the stone. See three progress photos, below, and below that, a video. See the necklace in my shop, HERE.



Bristlecone Pine Oolite Necklace, detail view. Nancy Lee Designs, 2022.





Photographs From Arrowmont

Have  a look at these photos I took at the Arrowmont School of arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN, the week I took a metal fabrication workshop and learned how to make a teapot. Actually, two teapots!
I tried and tried to order these progressively, but never could figure it out. But they are all here, and the captions will tell you a bit about where I was in the process. Hover your mouse over and you will see the captions. Final photos of the two teapots are in larger sizes at the end. The Flying Goat still needs patina on the body. Otherwise, please ezjoyyyy!

Great Photos of Handmade Art Jewelry

Thanks to the talented Paul d’Andrea of PDA Photography, here are some great new shots of some of my work which you can view as a slideshow.

It’s times like these that being a metalsmith and making precision work is so exciting. The above work is obviously much larger in the photos than in “real life,” so you can see detail that cannot be detected, even while using my bifocal/OptiVisor double-magnification workbench trick. So, if there is a flaw, you can see it. None of these photos have been touched up.

You can also see, hopefully, that my work is lovingly handmade, one at a time. Maybe one of my pieces is right for you…everything in the slideshow is for sale, even if it is not in my online shop yet. Please press the “Contact Me” button at the left if you are interested in purchasing.

It really does make a difference having a pro shoot your work 🙂 and it just feel so good. Thanks, Paul!