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Successful Indy Artist Awarded Indiana Arts Commission Grant

Listening to NPR at the workbench the other day, I caught portions of a discussion regarding natural athletic talent versus talent gained by hard work, and the success rate of each. The premise is that anyone with the desire to work hard for a very long time can achieve great success at anything they put their minds to, even if their natural abilities do not seem to match up.

Forged Hairpiece by John Cogswell
Forged Hairpiece by John Cogswell, Winter Workshop Instructor

To me, success is a ride. Select the destination and pay the ticket price. Travel on the train of doing what you love, be the “conductor” of it, and have that produce income along the way. I like the notion of being successful NOW. That’s why I went ahead and wrote “Successful Indy Artist Awarded Indiana Arts Commission Grant” as the title for this post. So, what the heck, I’ve decided to create my own success and the details of the journey are simply train-stops to be added to the itinerary.
Next stop? Grant News! Many of you followed my previous newsletter and blog post, as I wondered if I would get the Indiana Arts Commission grant. The grant announcement had been delayed due to State budget reasons. The workshop I was to take got canceled. But in the end, I got the grant – Woohoo!
Once the grant was officially awarded, I needed to find a replacement workshop that would be just the right thing: the right time, price, and content that would apply to my goal of learning more about small scale sculpture fabrication. I found it! A five-day Winter Workshop sponsored by the Florida Society of Goldsmiths that includes three days of hammering technique and two days of working with bi-metals (two metals laminated together). In January – perfect, because it will not hurt my selling season or teaching schedule. Location? Daytona Beach, Florida. Deserving to go to Daytona Beach, Florida, in January? Oh, now, that is definitely something I had to come to terms with. Worthiness. But that’s a whole other blog post…
What is your definition of success? talent? Do you just “have it” or don’t you? I’d love to know what you think, so please post a comment and let me know.

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