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Nancy Lee, Pod, and Indiana State Fair Blue Ribbon!

Nancy, Pod (5") and Blue Ribbon
Nancy, Pod (5″) and Blue Ribbon

Thought I’d share with you the picture my studio-mate, Wug Laku, owner of wUG LAKU’S STUDIO & gARAGE took of me, Pod, and the Indiana State Fair blue ribbon, at about 9:00 PM tonight. Pod is back home with her ribbon, and I needed a picture of the three of us for an article for Business Ownership Initiative (to be published soon).
Taken after a day working in the studio at the Indianapolis Art Center, prepping for the Jewelry Smorgasbord class starting on Friday (there is still space for a few last minute-enrollments, by the way!), I was not looking forward to this! I wasn’t dressed for it – I just had on a T-shirt. But I had this nice top in the back of the studio, left there from the last opening we had. And I had a comb and lipstick. But the best part of all was the magical ingredient every girl needs to look her best in pictures: Photoshop!
Pod looks so little here! She really has a lot of character on her own. I’ll be sharing more about that, and the future Pod series, when the BOI article comes out. Please stay tuned.

A Trip to the Indiana State Fair – with Jewelry!

Some three or four weeks ago, I finally made up my mind to enter a few pieces of my work into the Indiana State Fair.

Fair Queen Circa 19-i'mnottelling
Fair Queen Circa 19-i’mnottelling

Having a long history of familial involvement with all things “fairground,” the entry process was loaded with more emotion than one may think reasonable for such an event. I mean, after all, it’s the place you go to eat deep-fried Snicker’s bars, drink sugary Lemon Shake-Ups and eat corn-on-the-cob on a stick dripping with butter, and shuffle around manure in smelly barns, trying to keep the straw from poking through the straps of your sandals.
But, once upon a time back in my adolescent Illinois days, I entered myself in the Georgetown Fair. I didn’t enter an item. I entered me – in the queen competition. And I won. Really. So, I got my 15 minutes of fame and my picture in the local paper with Governor Big Jim Thompson (now, that dates me!).
Fast-forward a bunch of decades (I’m not telling how many) to 2009. The hunger to win again has visited, this time in search of a ribbon and some cash in place of a crown. And I entered ITEMS this time: three pieces of jewelry and one small sculpture (I was warmly encouraged by my former metalsmithing instructor Marilyn Smith at the Indianapolis Art Center – nice).
Out here on a limb, I’m posting three of the four items I entered (forgot to photograph the final pendant before I entered it! It’s from the Lavanessence Series and has an Akoya pearl and a touch of recovered gold). Do you have a favorite from the three? I’d like to know!

Pod Sculpture, 5″
Loopy Pearl Earrings
Loopy Pearl Earrings
Walk in the Woods Sculptural Pendant
Walk in the Woods Sculptural Pendant

If you are in the area, the Indiana State Fair opens August 7 and runs through August 23. Have a Lemon Shake Up for me!

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