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Honey and Humanity

Sometimes, graffiti can be nice.  Note the impromptu “Smile at a stranger” chalked on a column, in the photo at right. 
I love it when someone does something wonderful and unexpected. It brings forth my faith in humanity and reminds me of the good in people and the ways in which it creatively manifests itself in our visual world.
Sometimes, in my work, I am moved to do something different and unexpected. My “normal” tends towards organic, flowing shapes. Coils, curves, and circles dominate, and I tend to avoid anything too geometric. Then I was moved to create something totally geometric because of a sci-fi movie!  The movie showed beautiful interlocking honeycomb-like images (with spaceships) that stayed with me. I saw honeycomb grids in my dreams, and awoke the next day with these images still on my brain, so I decided to bring them forth in metal.
This did not so much reawaken my faith in humanity, but it did give me a fresh perspective on an idea that I had not considered in awhile – creating a geometric shape. So I ran with it. These earrings are the result. I call them “Honey.” The sweetest thing about my “honey” earrings? They are now being worn by lovely friend who recently reconnected with me.
I like to believe that “Honey” is now out in the world smiling at strangers. And if I know my friend, Rachelle, she is doing just that.

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