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Bountiful Updates!

Please take a look at the new things here on the website!
The Events tab has been updated with not only the next event, but the two new artists who I’ll be sharing space with.
Testing a new “Store” tab, with a shopping cart. All of the classes have been loaded into the system, but still have some work to do on the payment part! Look for jewelry items to be added as well. Please contact me with your questions/comments. I’m interested! Maybe you have a way to make it better…
There is now a category for “Free” information, tips and tricks. All previous posts of this nature have been moved to that category. Plans are to add more to it soon.
Finally, got a pic of me right on the front page, along with an updated description of what-all is going on around here. What say you about that?
As always, the team (of one, but soon to grow) is interested in your thoughts and opinions. Especially if they are nice!
And lest I forget, here is a picture of a new piece I just finished. Enjoy!

Violeta Ventana Necklace
Violeta Ventana Necklace