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Nancy Lee Featured on Bliss Tree’s Jewelry and Beading Blogspot

Loopy Pearl Earrings
Loopy Pearl Earrings

There are a lot of great people out there in the world who really like to help out artists. I received an e-mail from Connie Mettler, host of an art blog I subscribe to called Art Fair Insiders. Art Fair Insiders is a social networking site for – you guessed it – artists. Info on best craft shows and call for entries nationwide can be found there.

The e-mail, from Cyndi Lavin,  was to inform artists who use organic materials in their work of an opportunity to be featured on the Bliss Tree site, under the Jewelry and Beading blog. Artists were to send in images and a brief description of their work.

I’m happy to say that I got in!

What is even more satisfying is knowing that there are people out there in the world, like Connie Mettler and Cyndi Lavin, who help get the word out in so many ways and help artists to not starve. My hat, and I do wear many, is off to women like these, who put themselves out there every day to help artists. Thank you, Connie and Cyndi!

Newest Work from nDesigns Metal Jewelry Studio

Deep Blue SwedenA new and different work has  emerged from the studio.
The piece on the left is a sterling silver cuff with twisted, hammered wire between two imprinted bands of sterling. What sets this piece apart is an interesting piece of 500-year old Swedish blue slag. This rare piece of glass, along with four other smaller pieces, was obtained several months ago at a local gem and mineral show. I could not resist falling into the deep blue pool of blue, with its swirls and flecks. Each piece of glass is a different size and shape. Noteworthy is that each time I create a piece, it does not last long in the studio! It seems to have a calming, almost mezmerizing  effect that draws one into it’s depths. Like it? Let me know.

Featured on the Business Ownership Initiative Website!

Great news! I am thrilled to be a featured client on the first page of the Business Ownership Initiative’s website. BOI helps people create and develop their own businesses. Since turning my part-time hobby into a full-time business venture in the fall of 2008, I have been consulting with and taking classes from the wonderful professionals at BOI.
They celebrated the birth of my new website with the following article:
BOI Client Approaches Turning Point With Excitement!
BOI client Nancy Lee, owner of nDesigns Metal, recently went full-time into her business making hand-fabricated precious metal sculpture, jewelry and objects, using her own designs. The artist has developed a new product line of small sculptures based on a “pod” concept that was on display at the Elegant Funk art show; her work has been described as sleek, minimalist and contemporary.
read more at http://www.businessownership.org/