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Handmade Jewely in time for Christmas!

So, I’ve been spending a LOT of time at the bench lately. And the chiropractor (the wonderful Bob Dixon!). Plus Mercury is in retrograde. And the Winter Solstice is just days away! I think there is a full moon in there somewhere. And I’ve been having a @#$*load of weird dreams as icing on the freak-flag cake. What to do? Be responsible and practical with my blogspace.
In order to keep from saying really dumb things, I’m going to post a bunch of photos of my work. Plus I now have Photoshop Elements 9 and I’m pretty happy with the four functions I’ve figured out so far:

  1. crop
  2. auto-sharpen
  3. auto-correct
  4. change image size

That’s really all one needs, and that’s about the size of it. Except, I have waaaay more beautiful handmade jewelry available than is pictured here! And most of it is not on the shopping page, but is nonetheless available.
Please contact me if you are interested in these items. Thank you so much, and enjoy your holidays in the happiest, safest, and warmest way imaginable.

wUG LAKU’S STUDIO & gARAGE First Friday Opening, May 1, 2009

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First Friday Gallery Opening at wUG LAKU’S STUDIO & gARAGE camera phone pic from Erik Deckers! Erik stopped by the studio last night. Erik is the techo-friend we all wish we could be. Or at least have one of. So, Erik stops by, shoots the pic, and has it posted on Twitter before you can say John Robinson.

The work in the photos is from the following artists, left to right: Rachel Steely James with her beautiful work “Patterns in Flight”, Nancy Lee’s “Walk in the Woods”, “Pod” and “Sandbar Box”, Wug Laku’s mesmerizing “Ripple Effect”, Bernadette Ostrozovitch with her two stunning sculptural works “Elegant Rusalka with Offering of Tiny Fruits” and “The Old King”, and Erik Jones mixed-media wonderment “Decomposition”.

Other artists not shown in the picture but definitley worth you time checking out include William Denton Ray, Pam Fraizer, Mark Pack, Patrick Flaherty and James Ratliff.

A great evening with great artist and wonderful friends, and a Twitter post!

First Post From Arrowmont

Nancy Lee at ArrowmontRolled into Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on Wednesday evening – happy and tired.  Current Studio Assistant extraordinaire Justin greets me with an, “I’m sorry I can’t take you to your dorm, I’m doing a slide show in the auditorium right now, but let me tell you where it is and if you have a problem finding it, please come get me.” No worries, Justin. Found dorm, settled in and got fed.

On to Turtle Hollow Gallery!

A few days to call my own before my real duties begin will allow for some sightseeing. Where to go? A great place to start is the Gatlinburg Craft Map. My friend Wug Laku and I separately selected the same location from the craft map. It seemed we were on the same wavelength regarding Turtle Hollow Gallery, located on the 8-mile loop of artist studios and galleries. We were drawn in by the tiny picture in the brochure and the description of the work there.

Lady at Turtle Hollow
Metal Sculpture by Ross Markley at Turtle Hollow
Cactus at Turtle Hollow
Cactus Sculpture at Turtle Hollow

An oasis of peaceful, well-designed beauty greeted us as the car rolled in to the gravel drive. The gallery sits in an amazing complex with other buildings, all designed by Ross Markley of Turtle Hollow. There is much to take in before ever setting foot inside one of the galleries. The exterior spaces were all designed and built by Ross Markley and peppered with his sculptural work, and must be experienced on their own. Beauty is abundant here.
Gallery Manager and fused-glass artist Kitty greeted us and showed us around the gallery, proudly letting us know that one of Ross’  sculptures had been on display at the Louvre.
Kitty’s glass work is the best example my companion, Wug, and I had ever experienced. Her sense of composition in her work, her color selections and designs were elegant and cool, yet playful and approachable. The gallery also represents work from several other artists, including detailed botanical paintings, drawings and etchings from nature artist Andrea Wilson, functional and sculptural ceramics, gorgeous wind chimes, jewelry, gourmet teas and more.

Stone Whale at Turtle Hollow
Stone Whale at Turtle Hollow

There were a couple more galleries in the complex but the owners/managers happened to be away at the time of our visit. Meaning, of course, a return trip in the near future.
If you are in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this Turtle Hollow Gallery complex is a must-see!
Hours: Turtle Hollow Gallery 10am to 6 pm

Bench at Turtle Hollow Invites You to Relax
Bench at Turtle Hollow Invites You to Relax

Gallery Phone 865-436-6188
Turtle Hollow Gallery
248 Buckhorn Road
Gatlinburg, TN 37738