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Super Bowl XLVI Zipline and Fear

In following the creative path, there are many opportunities to face fears. Usually they have to do with paying bills, meeting deadlines, and fulfilling the hopes and wishes of others. But up at the top of a ladder propped at the apex of the garage next to my childhood home, I discovered a fear most powerful: the fear of heights.

Each fear represents a block to our true beauty, the inner spiritual being. The Dream Book: Symbols for Self Understanding by Betty Bethards.

No matter how many times this fear has been confronted, still it returns. To chip away at this terror habit, I decided to sign up for the zip line ride in Super Bowl Village here in downtown Indianapolis. This has taken some planning, and couldn’t wait until the last minute. The tickets have been pinned to the fridge for weeks now, simmering. Today at 3:00 PM EST, my dear Wug and I will be in line to face the demon. Holding his hand will divide the fear factor by two.

Why am I telling you this now? To add humiliation to the mix in case I chicken out. To give me incentive not to. Chicken out. So watch this space for some evidence that I have either succeeded or failed.
Please tell me I’m not the only one with fears, that I am not alone in this. Your brave comments are endearing to me and empowering to others.
P.S. Are those all guys in the photo?

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