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Like me. Really "like" me!

There will never come a time when I forget about Sally Field’s famous acceptance speech when she won her Academy Award.

You LIKE me! You REALLY LIKE me!

She was sweet and genuine, no matter that it was a little corny and borderline needy. Haven’t we all been there? OK, I’m laughing now. Some of you have not. But I have and these are the only eyes I have with which to view the world, so. I digress.

Nancy Lee Designs Facebook Banner

“Like” has come to mean a whole new thing. In the Facebook world getting a “like” means a friend or stranger is giving your thought, image, or business a virtual thumbs up. With 845 million or so active users*, explaining a “like” seem kind of pointless, because unless you are there, you probably aren’t gonna make it over  here, to my little homemade website with my slow-cooked jewelry and sculpture.
But talking about “like” is my sneaky little way to bring up the “like” subject and to ask you kindly to visit and “like” my page there.
Why did I do it? Facebook rules state that one may not change their business page name. And, because I would prefer to be known as an artist, rather than as a “business” or bricks and mortar building, I felt strongly compelled to create a whole new Facebook page as Nancy Lee Designs.  What I wish to accomplish with it is to spark quick dialog between you and other lovers of handmade things, say a little about me and what goes into my work as it is happening, see progress shots and photos of finished work straight from my camera phone. I will announce shows, talk about tips, tricks, and metalsmithing techniques for those of you who are interested.
All in an effort to continue to build a bridge to you, the person who has found your way here, and about whom I care. So, I do hope you “like” it. Really “LIKE” it! (that is now 5 times I have hotlinked “like” to my new page – SHAMELESS!)
As always, seeking ways to enhance lives and share beauty.
(Check out “Simple Care for Sparking Silver Jewelry“, my first note on my new page.

Fire and Bliss

A few days ago, a highly productive friend made a post on Facebook that went something like this: “I’ve only made 20 pieces of jewelry today, done three loads of laundry, written a newsletter and a blog post. I’m feeling low energy. PLEASE someone kick me in the butt and help motivate me!” Perhaps I exaggerate. At any rate, this woman is a successful and accomplished artist asking for punishment. She received many helpful “kicks”. But my response to her was to do nothing for twenty minutes, a.k.a. meditation. Ooh, that felt so good and helpful! Sooo helpful!

Meditation Practice – Good Times

Fast-forward through a few days of self-congratulating while at the same time skipping my own twenty-minute practice, until yesterday. Monday. Time to get back into the meditation mode and start the week right! Fresh from my practice, wrapped in a calm bubble of bliss, the world is pregnant with possibility. My immediate choice is to keep a grasp on the wisp of wonderment, and just write about it.  Then my “real world” day could begin.
So write I did. Came up with a great blog post about only bliss. About to hit “publish” when my dear sweetheart, Wug, came up the stairs. He forgot about an appointment. We had to go NOW. Blog post ditched, “publish” button not pushed. And it never would be.
The errand running was jump-started with an unhelpful trip to my bank. Then quickly back home again to retrieve forgotten phone. A few harsh words later, that bliss bubble was broken. I was in a real-world Monday and not dealing. Not dealing at all. Let’s just say that, in moments of couple-dom, the following 60 or so of them would best be writ out of the record altogether.

Don’t Let this Be You

Google provides 16,700,000 answers when asked for the definition of meditation. The goal of most of these is to slowly empty the mind, bringing forth peace, and go within – getting to the core of you. It can be a challenge as jittery thoughts fill one’s mind. It can be a challenge afterwards, when real life takes over. But truly, it is worth it. And the more regular the practice, the better. Even then, I’m still human, and my fire-breathing Gemini side still shows up on a perfectly irregular and ill-timed basis. Imagine the comfort I took in the following:

We meditate for various reasons. Peace of mind we all badly need. Therefore, when we meditate, either consciously or unconsciously we aim at peace of mind. Meditation give us peace of mind without a tranquilliser. And unlike a tranquilliser, the peace of mind that we get from meditation does not fade away. It lasts for good in some corner of the inmost recesses of our aspiring heart – Sri Chinmoy

Somewhere in the corner of my heart, I knew my storm would pass. So did Wug. I believe one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to just be who we are for a few minutes. Just be you. Find beauty in that. Within you is all you need, even if its is taking cover in a remote place. It’s there, and it’s worth looking for.
What do you do to un-do and just be? I’m eager to know.