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Hallway Ode

The closing of Wug Laku’s Studio & Garage hit many in the local art scene with a measure of surprise. Wug Laku has been a fixture in the Indianapolis art scene for decades, and has operated his Studio & Garage for over five years. NUVO ran a great article, written by Dan Grossman, about Wug and the “Garage,” as he called it. The article is in the current issue of NUVO, which is out until tomorrow afternoon, when the new issue hits newsstands. You can also read the article here:

Wug Laku, photographed by Stephen Simonetto for NUVO in 2009

I have my own feelings about this event. I felt like it was a good thing, for Wug. He would be untethered from his gallery and be able to paint again, do shows all over, and generally go back to being an artist. Then I walked into the empty space a few days ago and promptly burst into tears. Lots of good memories there. Those feelings came out like this:

Hallway Ode

The garage sits empty
as hallways pulse an echo
The sounds of distant laughter
Liquid cloth passing
Filled the iris
Expanded that orb, that gateway
for a heartbeat.
The corridor
devoid of purpose

(c) 2013 Nancy Lee