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Creating with Bristlecone Pine Oolite: Petrified Rock in 2022

I had a really great 2022. Previously, I wrote a newsletter about saying YES to so many new opportunities this year, which led me to need to use the word NO a few times. If the pandemic has taught me (us) anything, it is the need for a little guilt-free self-care. Which means sometime I go really slow (who am I kidding, I ALWAYS go really slow) when making jewelry. Or dinner.


Bristlecone Pine Tree, image courtesy of Rad Drew Photography, copyright 2022

When I came upon a Bristlecone Pine Oolite a couple of years ago, I knew I had to have it. It was cut by a local lapidary guy who is no longer in business. Later, I received a photo of a Bristlecone pine tree image that my husband, Rad Drew, took a picture of in California. I put the two together, and knew I needed a special piece for the stone. See three progress photos, below, and below that, a video. See the necklace in my shop, HERE.



Bristlecone Pine Oolite Necklace, detail view. Nancy Lee Designs, 2022.





Commencement, 2020-Style

Graduation-ish News: I’ve been attending college for three years, after a forty-year hiatus. I was a college dropout, but now I’m on the verge of receiving my diploma in the mail. In May, due to COVID, our college held a virtual commencement.

Attending my May 2020 virtual commencement ceremony was gratifying and a bit strange! While I envisioned walking across a stage to claim my diploma in a stadium full of cheering fans, instead I virtually heard my favorite professors say nice things about me while my parents and sisters watched via ZOOM and my hubby sat by my side. The IUPUI virtual ceremony included videos that we students uploaded. I wanted mine to be lighthearted, so my husband, Rad, and I wore Groucho glasses with big noses. We made the video in a little park near our house while standing on a bridge over a tiny stream. We walked there hand in hand, laughing and spitting out fake Groucho mustache hairs. I wore Honors cords and a medal – which was an act of kindness in itself, made possible by the dean of the Honor’s College. As Rad and I walked, neighbors yelled their congratulations from cars and front porches.

A couple of weeks later, I had a very small drive-by graduation party in our front yard. I told Rad I wanted balloons. The day of the party, I woke up to two huge balloon bouquets staked in the front yard, one of a graduation cap and one pink unicorn balloon (which is still alive and well in my office – I’m looking at her as I type!). For the party, I bought some decorations at the dollar store and some champagne on ice and we were a go! Friends and my favorite professors stopped by for a brief, socially distanced hello. Was it the graduation and celebration I envisioned? Was it the image that kept me going at 2 am while writing papers on deadline for three years? Did it warm my bones as I walked to school in the snow for three winters, uphill both ways (that one is for my parents)? Nope. But what I received was a much richer, more intimate, and more meaningful experience than anything in my imagination.

It is this life lesson that now keeps me going: sometimes the dream you chase isn’t the one you get, but something different comes along to show you the deepest richness of positive possibility.

What positive possibility has come to you during the coronavirus challenge we are all facing?

Last Fri at Wug's, First Fri at M10 and Litmus

Changes at Circle City Industrial Complex include the closing of Wug Laku’s Studio & Garage and the opening of new spaces such as M10 Studio and Litmus Gallery.
via Last Fri at Wug’s, First Fri at M10 and Litmus.