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Nancy Lee Gets Intentional

Some of you may happen to know that I applied for an Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant this year. My goal is to further develop the “Pod” small sculpture concept.

Pod I Sculpture
Pod I Sculpture

I had enrolled in a class at the Touchstone Center in Pennsylvania that was to take place the first week in August. I had a replacement lined up to represent me during the IDADA’s First Friday Art Tour on Aug. 6 at my studio in the Circle City Industrial Complex. I even had my newsletter completely written, with me going to the workshop!
AND – the granting organization’s funding has been delayed. Not unusual – many arts organizations are experiencing altered funding these days.
AND – the original class into which I was enrolled has been canceled. So the email newsletter that I send out was rewritten with this updated info. Which led to this blog post…
This entire series of events has helped me get really clear on what I want to create in my life, and to go for it with everything I have. Yeah, I could get a stomach ache and get crazy worried about the whole thing. Ok – I started to anyway.
But then I decided (after some great coaching and a bit of soul-searching) that I could choose how to feel. That I could get really clear on what I really wanted to be true, to the point of visualizing me cashing the grant check, experiencing the classroom, creating the works and showing them. OOOh, even selling ALL of them!
NOW I’m moving forward in trust and expecting to hear soon that the grant will be funded. I choose to believe that I will win that grant, find the perfect workshop, and hold a show next year with the resulting works. That is my intention!
Stay tuned for the next post, when I know more about the grant and the potential workshop.
What do you intend in your life? What do you want to have happen on purpose? Creative ideas or everyday, little things. Either way – post a comment. I’d love to know!

Nancy Lee’s Follow Up from Creative Arts Roundtable

Last post was in regards to the “Creative Arts Roundtable” at Business Ownership Initiative (BOI) on August 24 -  a hit! The setup was with five local artists (the fifth, D. DelReverda-Jennings, was added after my last post) and an attorney specializing in helping artists with any/all legal issues related to their business. The amazing Tricia Guagliardo came up with the concept of having a program targeted towards artists, a first at BOI, and assembled the panel. The room was packed and fairly vibrating with an intangible goodness that evening, completely filled with enthusiastic artists and art enthusiasts. (Including, interestingly, Susan Gilmer, who is the process of writing about my story for a future BOI newsletter.)

Butterfly Tryptic by Rachel Steely
Butterfly Tryptic by Rachel Steely

In alphabetical order by last name, I learned a little more about what the panelists do and what drives them, what it takes to succeed in the business of art. Eventually I realized that even though my name falls in the middle of the alphabet, I was destined to go last – right after the attorney with the impressive credentials. No sense holding myself small, I told myself. So my words came from my heart with the hope they would land where they needed to.
My bit explained my early love of art, then metal, and how a tree falling on my studio and the loss of my job in construction management led me last year to my true calling – making jewelry and objects. And then a little bit about Social Media – at which point I plugged social media icon Kyle Lacy. My friend and media designer Stephen James happened to be in the room,  so I plugged him too and when he got up & spoke for a moment, the group asked what he did. He received a big round of applause for eloquently saying that he supported his talented wife, Rachel Steely James, so she could do her art.
Afterwards, a class member approached me and told me he, too, lost his job last year and was pursuing his former part-time art, and that my words resonated with him. Helped him see that there were others in the same boat, and we’re floating on the same water. A couple days ago, Tricia was kind enough to e-mail the class evaluations and I was overwhelmed by the positive comments given to the panel, and the encouragement to forge ahead that was resonated with the participants. This is something I’m certain will become a part of BOI’s offerings in the future.nsilogofinal
Maybe even better is the chance for people to come together in this difficult and wonderful time to let each other know the good that is there for us to find, when we take a minute to look.

Nancy Lee on Creative Arts Roundtable Panel set for August 24

The wonderful people at Business Ownership Initiative (BOI) in Indianapolis, IN, have come up with a workshop on Monday, August 24 from 6-8 PM just for artists.nsilogofinal The Creative Arts Roundtable is a networking and learning opportunity for local artists and artisans looking to use their talents to generate income by selling their fine art, jewelry, or other crafts. The session will include networking opportunities with other artists and a panel discussion with tips and resources shared by established artists and arts organizations.
I am a graduate of BOI’s Business Beginnings course (the Certificate of Achievement hangs proudly from a piece of clear tape on the block walls of my tiny office area inside my studio) along with a handful of other workshops, and was honored by being asked to be a panel member.
Panelists include:
Krista Bermeo, Krista Bermeo Studio
Michelle Bray, Creative Arts Legal League
Wug Laku, Wug Laku’s Studio & Garage
Nancy Lee, nDesigns Metal Jewelry and Objects
Shannon Linker, Arts Council of Indianapolis
This free session will be held at Business Ownership Initiative, 4755 Kingsway Drive, Suite 314, just north and east of 46th Street and Keystone Avenue, in Willowbrook Office Park. Preregistration is required.  Please call (317) 917-3266 ext. 100 or email information@businessownership.org to register.
If you are an artist or fine craftsperson living in the Indianapolis area, I encourage you to attend this free workshop or ANY of the quality workshops presented by BOI. They have made a positive difference in my life and career.

BONUS: Check out the wonderful Arts Council website for artists and those who love art for info on local events, including an arts calendar,  an artist database, and more: Indyarts.org
P.S. Hope to see you there!