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Making Amunet Amethyst Goddess Earrings

My friend, Lisa Zimmerman of Soul Level Solutions, is calling this month “Rocktober” due to all of the planetary influences she feels will come to bear. I wonder what this month has in store for all of us, planetarily and otherwise. That remains to be seen!
What I do know is that I’ve been under the creative influence. Following these urges feels like playing hooky, since I have custom orders for which my lovely peeps are patiently awaiting. Yet at times I get in the grip and nothing else will come from my hands. This is how Amunet came to be.

When the creative influence takes over, it is often sparked by the materials sitting on my bench.

Then the assembly begins – these earrings, simple though they seem, had seven separate soldering operations.

Soldering complete, these earrings are ready for oxidization and gemstone setting. And, of course, some handmade earwires.

My works often name themselves, and as I was in the process of making these earrings, the name “Amun” came to me out of nowhere. Or, maybe it’s because I’m learning to speak Egyptian Arabic. Anyway, after doing a bit of research, I discovered the female counterpart to the Egyptian god Amun is Amunet, “the female hidden one”. Although at 2 1/4″ inches long, you won’t stay that way while wearing these!

According to gem lore, the amethysts gracing the earrings possess a spiritual quality and enhance dreams, purification, healing, love and peace. That’s a lot to enjoy! Please do.

Last Fri at Wug's, First Fri at M10 and Litmus

Changes at Circle City Industrial Complex include the closing of Wug Laku’s Studio & Garage and the opening of new spaces such as M10 Studio and Litmus Gallery.
via Last Fri at Wug’s, First Fri at M10 and Litmus.

World Geek

I didn’t know this was going to happen. But I wrote a poem today. Last night was a big opening at my building of artists, and the last opening for friend and fellow artist and art advocate, Wug Laku. He’s venturing out on his own. I was inspired to write about my own journey. I’m thrilled every day to be here, even when I’m sad.
Earth, from the astronauts viewpoint

World Geek

I am
enthralled with this world
pregnant with its possibilities.
Deep in wells of blue
sirens beckon.
“Beyond her limited means,” they whisper, embarrassed for me.
But I’ve already set off.
Left base camp at dawn, totally unprepared.
But journeying still.
Fast slow fast fast slow.
The joke is
I’m doing it anyway.

—Nancy Lee