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Slideshow from Sculpture Exhibition!

Looks like I might have figured out how to add a slideshow. The tech world seems limitless, and my intelligence to leverage it, finite. At best. Yet, I try.
For those of you who were able to make it to my sculpture exhibition opening night, I say a heartfelt “Thank you!” It was a grand time, and the room was filled many times over in the course of an evening.
Thank-yous go out to my intern, Katie Siewert, who was completely invaluable the night of the show. Seriously.
To Wug Laku, who hung all new lighting in the space of a few days. And bunches of other stuff involving ladders and heavy lifting and heaps of patience. My back breaks for you.
And to the Indiana Arts Commission. This show would not have been possible, save for the funds I received from an Individual Artist Grant, which sent me to Florida in January to learn how to better wield a 2-pound hammer.
Together with the members and friends of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths, my instructor, John Cogswell, was a fountain of joy with his Popeye forearms (from years of wielding 2-pound hammers) and his hilarious stories. They deserve big applause, as well.
The results of this fun is below. Enjoy!

New Work by Nancy Lee

I love round things, and rings, scrolls, spirals and circles show up in my jewelry often. Lately though, I got inspired to create even more – in two different ways in a very short time span.

Lydia's Flame Pendant
Lydia’s Flame Pendant

First was Lydia’s Fire, inspired by the work of artist Lydia Burris, who happens to be showing her work in my partner’s gallery (wUG LAKU’S STUDIO & gARAGE). I was at the bench while she and her boyfriend Dave were delivering her work to the studio. I sat there with triangle-shaped bar stock in my hand, ready to make it do something. I heard her voice and got images of her work going in my brain, and I started seeing all of these (you may have guessed it) spirals – spiral shapes are often suggested in her work. Very subtly, understated at times, but you can definitely follow them through many of her wonderful, dreamlike paintings. And it occurred to me that I’d like to incorporate that very fluid aspect of painting a spiral – only in metal. Heating it up multiple times and hammering away is the only way to achieve the tight curve I sought. The artist, Lydia, and the process, heating with fire, gave me the name for this series. Over the next 48 hours I created a pendant (shown), five pairs of earrings in three different styles, a hammered cuff bracelet, and a ring.

Rings of Saturn Neckpiece and Earrings
Rings of Saturn Neckpiece and Earrings

Then came Saturn. Or, the rings of Saturn. I had created a bracelet I called “Saturn” some time ago. It just sits there, I think, waiting for company. As I was working on some companion earrings and pendant based upon the Saturn designs, I set out all of the components on a tray together. All of a sudden I got the bright idea to sacrifice multiple pairs of earrings and pendants into one-grand-neckpiece. It reminded me of something I read about Willa Cather – a wonderful writer who often weaves minor – yet no less compelling – stories into her novels. She said she often sacrifices a very good story idea at the altar of the bigger story – to make them both better. Have a look and let me know if I’ve made the right decision. And please forgive my picture quality – simply snapshots.
This new work debuted yesterday, at the First Friday Gallery Walk opening at my studio. I’d like to know what you think of it! your comments are always appreciated.

Image from "A Little Madness" at wLS&g
Image from “A Little Madness” at wLS&g