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A Few Moments of Amazing

Do you ever have moments where life just goes ahead and tells you that you are headed in the right direction, and just keep on doing what you are doing? I hope so. Because they are real gifts, and we don’t always get as many of those as we need. When we do, though, it’s important to make note of them. Bear witness to the good. That’s what I’m doing here.
I’ll keep it brief so you will be encouraged to watch this uplifting video (below). Or skip right to it, it’s okay.
This weekend: I taught at the Indianapolis Art Center. And it went sooo well. My four students were “dream students.” Happy to be present, focused, attentive, helpful and kind towards one another. And adept! Good thinkers, good designers…I could go on, and probably will in a future post.
Last night: I dreamed my good friend Ginger (of LEDE Studio & Gallery) held up my work in front of all of her studio helpers and clients and declared it great. Wooo-hooo! I talked to my son on the phone this week – yay for moms of grown men!
This morning: Email inquiries for custom work have been coming in, and even though it is challenging to provide creative blueprints with words over email, things are progressing. And I received some photos from Emily Schwank of Raincliffs Photography, who will be doing a show in my little gallery – my first time showing an artists work – and I about cried I love those shots so much. More on that soon.
This afternoon: met some friends for lunch, where I also ran into a couple of other friends, and it was really sublime.
This evening: A “virtual” friend I met during an online business coaching class held her own teleconference this evening. I got some goodies there – I discovered some astrological info that sheds some light on my life path. Kinda a biggie (Thank you, Lisa Zimmerman of Soul Level Solutions). To cap it all off, I received an email from a very dear friend who I have been missing lately – containing the video below.
Draw your own conclusions. Hopefully they will all be uplifting ones!

P.S. – the more I thought about the good things that have come up lately, the more grateful I became, because the process reminded me of even more good stuff. Try it! and, I cried when I watched the video.

Art Jewelry on YouTube!

Art Jewelry Magazine – watch a beginner attempt to saw metal for the first time

Art Jewelry Magazine sent me a newsletter today, and it contains a video with a young lady using a jeweler’s saw – for the first time! She is an editor at Art Jewelry Magazine, and was testing out a new product from Thomas Mann and being a good sport about it, too. This is particularly relevant to me and my students at the Indianapolis Art Center, as we have been working on jeweler’s saw techniques the past couple of “Jewelry Smorgasbord” classes – listening for the “ping” of success! Watch, learn, and enjoy!
P.S. I don’t especially like the body positioning shown in the video – I think the body should be squared to the saw frame, and the left wrist should not be at such an acute angle. Also, the strokes are on the short side. I always remind my students that they paid for the whole saw blade and to feel free to USE  the whole saw blade! However, this is a beginner after all – she’s still learning AND my techniques are not the same as every instructor’s technique…
Note: Mann teaches “no lubricant on the blade” in his classroom!