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Creating with Bristlecone Pine Oolite: Petrified Rock in 2022

I had a really great 2022. Previously, I wrote a newsletter about saying YES to so many new opportunities this year, which led me to need to use the word NO a few times. If the pandemic has taught me (us) anything, it is the need for a little guilt-free self-care. Which means sometime I go really slow (who am I kidding, I ALWAYS go really slow) when making jewelry. Or dinner.


Bristlecone Pine Tree, image courtesy of Rad Drew Photography, copyright 2022

When I came upon a Bristlecone Pine Oolite a couple of years ago, I knew I had to have it. It was cut by a local lapidary guy who is no longer in business. Later, I received a photo of a Bristlecone pine tree image that my husband, Rad Drew, took a picture of in California. I put the two together, and knew I needed a special piece for the stone. See three progress photos, below, and below that, a video. See the necklace in my shop, HERE.



Bristlecone Pine Oolite Necklace, detail view. Nancy Lee Designs, 2022.





Bright, Shiny Holiday Open House

Visit the circle City Industrial Complex and me this Friday, December 3, from 6-9 PM for our festive First Friday Open House. I’ll have lots of new jewelry for you to see, including anew line of 14 karat yellow gold and white gold jewelry, and a new line of “you choose it” enameled copper pendants with your choice of leather cords in 28″ and 30″ lengths. 


WHAT YOU CAN DO: Enter building via G5, Indy Fused Glass, to start your tour to visit me. Proceed to Nancy Lee Designs next door, then visit dozens of artists open studios, the Schweitzer Gallery upstairs, Eight Day Distillery, the Meadery Tap Room, Sochatti Chocolatier, and Center Point Brewing all under our 800,000 square foot industrial warehouse. Alternatively, you can enter through the door closest to the blue US Postal Service mailbox and I’m on the main floor, the second door on the right.

Free parking, free event!

The Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC)

Art studios at CCIC exhibit a wide variety of art mediums: paintings, watercolor, pottery, string art, metal sculpture, metal jewelry, enamel, collage, assemblage, fiber art, photography, and much more. Check out 8th Day Distillery at the north end of the building, Center Point Brewing at the south end, New Day Meadery and Sochatti Chocolate in the middle. Come on out and see for yourself why Indianapolis Monthly denoted Nancy Lee Designs as a “Must See” stop on your First Friday art tour, and visit and support all the talented CCIC artists!

CCIC offers free parking directly across the street from my entrance, which is the door immediately to the left of G5/Indy Fused Glass and the blue US mailbox. A newly installed list of suites is on the exterior wall to the right of the entrance door – look for Nancy Lee Designs along with many other art studios and businesses, which will be open this week for June First Friday. Each artist/studio keeps their own hours, so check with them to find out schedules. 

COVID Guidelines for First Friday in December, 2021: CCIC will remain in compliance with all state and local mandates relating to COVID-19. Currently, Marion County is designated as an orange advisory level. You can see the most recent advisory level here. Visitors (even fully vaccinated people) are encouraged to wear masks and observe social distancing guidelines while inside the building. Numbers of people in each studio may be limited to accomplish distancing between parties/pods. Different studios will have different requests. My space is so small that it can fill quickly and there’s little room to create distance between guests, so please wear a mask.

In the Middle of…Indiana and Other Things

Photo copyright Paul D’Andrea

It’s been twenty years and two months since my family unit moved to Indianapolis from Illinois. Since then, I’ve moved seven times more. The first place was on the very edge of Indy, almost in the country. It was safe and comfortable, and everyone looked like me. Gazing towards the city, I would wonder what went on down there. Driving downtown required a map and nerves of steel. My sweaty-palmed self would grip the steering wheel, craning my neck in advance of every intersection, willing myself to see around corners. I didn’t want to end up on the wrong street! The downtown of 1992 was a far cry from what you see today.
In subsequent moves over two decades, I circled the city, drawing ever closer to it’s center. Like a moth to the flame.  Got familiar with the museums, and even helped build one. Visited many downtown restaurants and a couple of hot spots. Took Yoga classes and attended (and hosted) dozens of art gallery openings. Became active in the arts community.  Soon, I was a mile from the downtown Mile. That’s not a typo. Our downtown is wrapped by four streets, North, South East and West Streets. This Mile Square defines the downtown area.

Dominick Sansone sculpture, photo copyright Paul D’Andrea

I can’t say exactly when I started dreaming of living right smack in the middle of the Circle City. Unthinkable during the day, dreams bring unprecedented possibilities. I envisioned an apartment on Mass Ave., on the top floor of a building, with a parking space of my own. Light and bright. I started putting out feelers. Let me tell you, it’s not easy finding an affordable apartment in this city.  But recently, someone returned a call from the week before. Things happened quickly after that.
So, here I am. Twenty two years and two months later, settling into the apartment of my dreams.  From my balcony, I see fall colors blazing on the trees beyond, and feel the energy of people going places in cars and on foot. This is my new home.  Here is where I have met, and will continue to meet, people who most certainly (and refreshingly) do not look just like me.  Here is where I’ll finish the second half of my book, on a folding table in a nook in my living area. Here is where I’ll lay my head tonight, on a four-poster bed, given to me by my loving family back in Illinois.
As a middle child, I always wanted to be right in the middle of everything. Now, it’s official. I think I’ll stick around for awhile.

Indianapolis sunset collage, copyright Nancy Lee