Nancy Lee’s Photo Shoot for Nuvo News Indianapolis

Nancy Lee with some of her creations
Nancy Lee with some of her creations

Not much to do here except post a bunch of pictures! These were taken a couple of weeks ago to accompany the feature article that Nuvo did on me and my studio partner, Wug Laku, for the Oranje show. The pictures were taken on location, inside and outside  the studio, by Steve Simonetto of Green Sky Media.

Wug Laku and Nancy Lee consult in the studio
Wug Laku and Nancy Lee consult in the studio

I felt like a movie star! Which means I was bored out of my gourd most of the time, and attempting to stand up straight and hold my stomach in, just in case. And that shot of me and Wug looking at a drawing and a piece of metal? That’s just for the camera, folks. Goodness knows, I rarely take direction that well. At least I was comfortable holding a pair of pliers. Steve wouldn’t let me hold my 2-lb hammer, which I think is beautiful and quite photogenic.
Anyway, I was thrilled with the results, since the pics of me look better than I  really do most of the time!
Thanks, Steve for a professional job and a peek at some really amazing camera equipment.

Nancy Lee gets and idea
Nancy Lee gets an idea

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