Nancy Lee’s Buddy, Torch Queen Bonnie Ramirez, Makes the News!

Bonnie Ramirez teaches Welding to Nancy Lee

Check out my friend Bonnie Ramirez. She uses fire, too, only in a different, bigger than life way. The people at WTHR News Channel 13 Eyewitness News think so, too, and Andrea Morehead decided to do a feature on her. It aired today, and here is the video. It ROCKS!
Luckily, Bonnie asked me if I wanted to attend the class as well, to learn how to weld. Of course, my answer was “yes!” I had a complete blast. So far, however, all I have had the chance to make are some lovely bends in a steel rod and cut out a flower with a plasma cutter. Which was heavenly.
I cannot wait to make a giant sized version of an earring or perhaps a sculpture. I have lots of ideas. Lots and lots! Once again, I dream in metal.

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