Nancy Lee on Fall Class Schedule at Indianapolis Art Center!

News! This fall I’ll be teaching my “Jewelry Smorgasbord” class at the Indianapolis Art Center. And it’s kind of like I’ve come full circle and found my way home. I started taking classes at the Art Center, oh, about ten years ago, from instructor Marilyn Smith. I’d been making my own beads from polymer clay for a few years, and wanted a better way to present them. At the time, the big beading craze had not really taken off, and the findings (clasps, earwires, catches) available at the local craft stores were rather cheap looking. So I decided to learn how to make my own from silver. By the way, silver could be had for less than $5 per once in those days! So, what started out as an innocent and fairly low-cost hobby turned, many years later, into a career. I no longer make my own beads. In fact, I dropped the bead-making like a hot potato when I got my hands on a torch for the first time – and I’ve never looked back. Until now.

Example of fold-forming technique
Example of fold-forming technique

I’m going “home” to teach students how to make whatever they want, from metal. They can pick my brain and hopefully be inspired by my my techniques, if not my journey.
Like to join me? I’d love to have you. Find out more…
Indianapolis Art Center Fall 2009 Class Schedule
In a hurry? look for the search box and put in “Nancy Lee” and click on the arrow. You will land on the page with my class description.

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