Nancy Lee Gets Intentional

Some of you may happen to know that I applied for an Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant this year. My goal is to further develop the “Pod” small sculpture concept.

Pod I Sculpture
Pod I Sculpture

I had enrolled in a class at the Touchstone Center in Pennsylvania that was to take place the first week in August. I had a replacement lined up to represent me during the IDADA’s First Friday Art Tour on Aug. 6 at my studio in the Circle City Industrial Complex. I even had my newsletter completely written, with me going to the workshop!
AND – the granting organization’s funding has been delayed. Not unusual – many arts organizations are experiencing altered funding these days.
AND – the original class into which I was enrolled has been canceled. So the email newsletter that I send out was rewritten with this updated info. Which led to this blog post…
This entire series of events has helped me get really clear on what I want to create in my life, and to go for it with everything I have. Yeah, I could get a stomach ache and get crazy worried about the whole thing. Ok – I started to anyway.
But then I decided (after some great coaching and a bit of soul-searching) that I could choose how to feel. That I could get really clear on what I really wanted to be true, to the point of visualizing me cashing the grant check, experiencing the classroom, creating the works and showing them. OOOh, even selling ALL of them!
NOW I’m moving forward in trust and expecting to hear soon that the grant will be funded. I choose to believe that I will win that grant, find the perfect workshop, and hold a show next year with the resulting works. That is my intention!
Stay tuned for the next post, when I know more about the grant and the potential workshop.
What do you intend in your life? What do you want to have happen on purpose? Creative ideas or everyday, little things. Either way – post a comment. I’d love to know!

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