I’m Going to Arrowmont!

The Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, will become my home for a month, beginning in March of 2009. I have received a studio assistantship which begins mid-March and concludes on Easter day in April.

Lifting information directly from the Arrowmont program:
“Studio Assistants are an integral part of Arrowmont’s workshop program and provide support to faculty with studio preparations, as well as assist students. Although assistants may have a specific area of expertise, studio assistants will work in all studios in some capacity.
Applicants for assistant positions are considered based on their expertise in a particular media as well as previous studio art experience and submittal of slides/digital images of their artwork. Please include a contact sheet/thumbnail printout of images with your CD. An assistantship is a great opportunity for artists to gain experience working in a studio, network, and to build skills through various classroom experiences.”

A wonderful opportunity for me to take my art to the next level. I will be taking two classes, one week each, and working for two weeks. And – a FIRST for me – staying in a dorm with four other women.
THE JOURNEY began a long time ago, while taking jewelry making classes from Marilyn Smith at the Indianapolis Art Center. Marilyn trekked, together with her husband Dick, a woodworker, to the Arrowmont School every summer. When she returned, she always came reinvigorated and shared her stories, handouts, and techniques with all of us students. She planted a seed. Years later, I decided it was time I attend a class. So, I enrolled in Angela Bubash’s class on making “windows and frames.”  Due to Angela’s skill and the very special group of women who attended the class, friendships were formed that are alive today. This is where my piece “Walk in the Woods” was created. With the help of the entire class, I was able to finish the piece at the very last minute. The rest of that story is for another time!


Walk in the Woods, (c) Nancy Lee, 2008

To say that I have fond memories of Arrowmont is an understatement. To say I am pleased upon being selected as a Studio Assistant does not quite describe it. To say I’m a little scared and nervous scrapes the surface. A deeper part of me has a knowing that this is the threshold upon which everything ends, and begins again, with my art as I now know it. This doesn’t discard all prior learning. That remains. To that, this whole new experience of immersion, learning and fellowship will be added. What artist could remain as before following an experience like that?
Follow me as I write about this from Arrowmont beginning Friday, March 13, 2009.

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