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Honey and Humanity

Sometimes, graffiti can be nice.  Note the impromptu “Smile at a stranger” chalked on a column, in the photo at right. 
I love it when someone does something wonderful and unexpected. It brings forth my faith in humanity and reminds me of the good in people and the ways in which it creatively manifests itself in our visual world.
Sometimes, in my work, I am moved to do something different and unexpected. My “normal” tends towards organic, flowing shapes. Coils, curves, and circles dominate, and I tend to avoid anything too geometric. Then I was moved to create something totally geometric because of a sci-fi movie!  The movie showed beautiful interlocking honeycomb-like images (with spaceships) that stayed with me. I saw honeycomb grids in my dreams, and awoke the next day with these images still on my brain, so I decided to bring them forth in metal.
This did not so much reawaken my faith in humanity, but it did give me a fresh perspective on an idea that I had not considered in awhile – creating a geometric shape. So I ran with it. These earrings are the result. I call them “Honey.” The sweetest thing about my “honey” earrings? They are now being worn by lovely friend who recently reconnected with me.
I like to believe that “Honey” is now out in the world smiling at strangers. And if I know my friend, Rachelle, she is doing just that.

Handmade Jewelry – Introducing "The Ceremony of Tea "

Just finished several pieces in my new line of jewelry called “The Ceremony of Tea.” Completed just in time for the journey to Arrowmont School in Gatlinburg, TN, to fabricate a teapot from metal in a workshop titled “Delightful, Diminutive Teapots.”

Handmade Sterling and Moonstone Tea Ceremony Necklace by Nancy Lee
Handmade Sterling and Moonstone Tea Ceremony Necklace, alt view, by Nancy Lee
Sterling Silver Tea Leaves Earrings, handmade by Nancy Lee

The whole teapot fabrication thing has been on my mind for weeks! Driven to distraction while preparing for the trip, I decided to create this line as a way to commemorate the impending journey. The instructor is John Cogswell, a fabulous teacher from whom I have received instruction twice before, as a student. This time around, I am happy to be participating as Instructor’s Assistant – and also a little nervous. Will I have time to actually fabricate the teapot I am envisioning? Or will all of my time be spent looking for scribes and hammers and sandpaper? Or maybe I’ll have plenty of bench time, yet my pokey, meandering ways will allow the sands of time to drain from my Cinderella hourglass, and and I’ll go home with a spoutless teapot belly with no soul.
All will be revealed to me in due time. Departing tomorrow morning for Arrowmont, as the next adventure in my story unfolds.
In the meantime, enjoy these photos of my newest work! These can also be found in my online shop – click HERE for more info.

Progress Photos of Handmade Jewelry for "Tea Ceremony" Line of Work

It’s getting close! Here are some progress photos I’ve snapped over the past two days while creating my new line of work to honor all things tea. The new work will be part of the “Tea Ceremony” collection. A brief but fun look. The whole process is getting me excited for my trip to Arrowmont this weekend to assist instructor John Cogswell in his “Delightful, Diminutive Teapots” week-long intensive workshop. Nervous and excited. Enjoy!

Progress Photo – Sterling and Moonstone “Tea Ceremony” Necklace

Progress Nearly Complete! – “Tea Leaves” Earrings – Sterling Silver