Visual Artist Cagney King Shows in Indianapolis Gallery

It is with great pleasure that “my” gallery, wUG LAKU’S STUDIO & gARAGE, is showing Cagney King’s work for IDADA’s First Friday Gallery Walk on Friday, July 3, 6-9 PM. Now, to lift an article directly from Konrad Marshall at, please read on:
“There’s a great show being held this week at Wug Laku’s Studio & Garage, and I would encourage anyone and everyone to go see it. The artist in question is Cagney King.”
“King has been a student of art since she was able to hold a pencil. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she now lives in the Pendleton/Fortville area, west of Indianapolis, and creates primarily out of a studio in Greenfield. She works mostly in oils and graphite, but has been experimenting with mixed media. Although formally trained at Ball State University and Herron School of Art and Design, King attributes most of her true art education to self-exploration and trial by fire. Her exhibition on First Friday this week is her first major solo exhibition in Indianapolis.”

Cagney King photo by Konrad Marshall
Cagney King photo by Konrad Marshall

“”Working in a studio is an experience that has become necessary. It’s a release, an escape. I can be free. I can be with my tools, I can be with my paint, I can be with my canvas and I can be with my thoughts, and let all of those culminate and work together. That’s a pretty special thing, and I think it’s become very important for my creativity peak, but also my well-being. If I’m not painting, I’m not happy.”
— Cagney King, mixed media artist”

Cagney King photo by Konrad Marshall
Cagney King photo by Konrad Marshall

Yes, everyone, please come out not only for a really great time at one of Indy’s hottest art galleries, but also to see some really great, imaginative, insightful and beautiful art from one of the area’s up-and-coming names, Cagney King.
I’ll be there with a few new jewelry pieces. I have been experimenting with some more etching on copper. And I added some beautiful pearls to a couple of pieces. Come see what I made.
Click here for more info. Note: This is a free event with plenty of free parking.

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