wUG LAKU’S STUDIO & gARAGE First Friday Opening, May 1, 2009

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First Friday Gallery Opening at wUG LAKU’S STUDIO & gARAGE camera phone pic from Erik Deckers! Erik stopped by the studio last night. Erik is the techo-friend we all wish we could be. Or at least have one of. So, Erik stops by, shoots the pic, and has it posted on Twitter before you can say John Robinson.

The work in the photos is from the following artists, left to right: Rachel Steely James with her beautiful work “Patterns in Flight”, Nancy Lee’s “Walk in the Woods”, “Pod” and “Sandbar Box”, Wug Laku’s mesmerizing “Ripple Effect”, Bernadette Ostrozovitch with her two stunning sculptural works “Elegant Rusalka with Offering of Tiny Fruits” and “The Old King”, and Erik Jones mixed-media wonderment “Decomposition”.

Other artists not shown in the picture but definitley worth you time checking out include William Denton Ray, Pam Fraizer, Mark Pack, Patrick Flaherty and James Ratliff.

A great evening with great artist and wonderful friends, and a Twitter post!

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